John B Hubert

17 Aug 1810 in Rockaway, NJ, USADeath:
14 Oct 1886 in Parma, MI, USA

Parma, MI
Dryden, NY

Peter Hubert, Sr
Sarah Bellows

Sally Maria Waldron
Mary Hubert
Dana Hubert
Seymour Hubert
Bradford Hubert
John Hubert
Edwin Hubert

John married Sally in Dryden, NY on 14 Jun 1834. Shortly after marrying they moved to Parma, MI. One child of theirs died during their first attempt to travel to Parma, MI. They came back to Dryden, NY and then made a second attempt by water. Another child died during their second voyage to Parma, MI. They eventually arrived in Parama, MI as some of the very first settlers.

John and Sally are buried in the Campbell Cemetery in Parma, Michigan. Their farm occupied Section 14 of Parma Township.

When John and his wife came to Michigan, he purchased a small piece of land to which he added by subsequent purchase until he had acquired 190 acres. The farm which he first secured had a small orchard planted upon it, and a log house and barn afforded shelter for man and beast. It was otherwise unimproved, but honest and industrious labor told upon it and secured the additional acreage and the more modern buildings of a later day.

John Hubert held some of the minor offices of the township. He was a Democrat during earlier years, but later was a Prohibitionist. Public-spirited and interested in the improvement of the section in which he had made his home, he gained respect and won good will.

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